Wilderness Survival in Canada

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Feather Sticks for Fire Lighting without EvergreenCanadian Wilderness Survival by Bruce ZawalskyLighting a Fire with a Striker

This Site is Dedicated to Providing Quality Information about Wilderness Survival in Canada. It is a clearing house of Information & Survival Resources from Canadian Survival Schools. We provides information on Modern Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft and Primitive Wilderness Survival Techniques and Skills Training in Canada. The Rugged Canadian Wilderness provides us with one of the Best Recreational Playgrounds in the World, but also a likely place to get stranded if you are not prepared.

The Wilderness is neither for us nor against us. To survive, we must Mentally and Physically prepare ourselves for the Worst Conditions. The Canadian Wilderness Regularly Produces some of the Harshest Conditions on Earth. You must acquire a positive mental outlook and the Survival Skills to make the situation as easy as possible on your body. Proper Training and Planning can drastically shorten the time and effort needed to have a search initiated and for you or your group to be Rescued.

Building a Single Super Shelter in WinterFire Burning in front of a Survival ShelterWaist High Wood Pile for Buring Overnight